I'm crystal clear, a crystal clear method of frivolous phrasing and murky daydreaming

Kate Laureen


Song- Nocturnal

(Audio only)

Recognizing a Dream

Creating music is something I'd been wanting to do but denying for years.  But after writing down lyrics upon lyrics on loose leaf paper, recording tunes that stick in my head onto my phone, and personally wanting music that embraces elements of classical music with a current day interpretation, I felt compelled to go outside my box and make Crystal Clear.

The Vibe

With a futuristic, goth-trap, dreamy sound, Crystal Clear will give your ears a fresh sound.

Creative Process

Making music for me is about layering unexpected textures using everyday sounds from my surroundings. Crystal Clear has sounds from the public transit in Tokyo to my harp seat creaking at unwanted times.  Embracing the sounds that are placed in front of me gives a richer and more personal dynamic.



Kate Laureen has taken pieces of her music life, from classical harp training to electronic and hip hop listening, to create a new sound.  With self reflective thoughts pushed throughout the album, the cinematic feel gives listeners plenty to listen to.  Born in Georgia, raised in Florida, now Kate Laureen currently lives and creates in Raleigh, North Carolina.


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